Trail Dogs come and join us

1988 Jeep


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This is the first XJ I built for my wife. She loved that car and it has many extras and upgrades. Larger tires, custom rear bumper that has held up to several “accidents”. Rock sliders that are a one off from the company and a front bumper that carries her winch and original XJ driving lights. Also the top rack that has proven itself very worthy of being on this XJ. Unfortunately a few years ago our daughter rolled this XJ and it was a complete total, except for the add on extras, top rack, rock sliders, front and rear bumpers, the hood louvers and the dog too! They have all been saved and another XJ has taken its place with all of these parts put on the new one, applier named “Back in Black” as this new XJ is all black with a tan interior.  Pictures will be posted soon!

This beautiful Jeep Cherokee was wrecked but was replaced by an all black 1988 Jeep Cherokee. All of her steel was taken off and repainted in tan to have it stand out. If you follow this link Back in Black, You can see the updated pictures of the replacement. We named her back in black and as you will see it fits!