Trail Dogs come and join us

1968 Jeepster


This is just what I am starting with. The pictures below are ones of what I was thinking of trying with the paint. Its still a work in progress as its shown here. I have so many ideas its hard to decide which one I want to go with.

I think this is what I may do with it. The colors in the corner are Root Beer as an acent color and the orange as the main color.† But I am still thinking on it. Its going to be a sweet ride when Iím done!

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The hood has been replaced and it looks good! Keep checking back for more updates! We are looking into a 4BT Cummins Diesel to power this thing!

March 2009, we added several updates for this (1) is the top, its in great condition and has all glass. Also received a tail gate is looks great! It fits and just needs a little work. This is not the body we are going to use but it is convenient to place all the parts on it for looks and measurements. Keep checking back more to come!

This is the body we will use but it has no frame.

The other body is not good but is has a frame.

Color choices are many!

UPDATE 2/2014

There have been many changes done to this build and I will try to get more pictures as they are available, so far we have:

Painted the Jeepster a Dark Metallic Green

Finished the interior also green

Installed and started the motor (Runs Great)

Running Gear is almost complete

Working on now, the wiring (holly cow) there is miles of it!