Trail dogs come and join us!

The jeep guy on vacation, he doesn't get out much but has fun when he does. This is a cabin in Yosemite National Park used for park information.

About the jeep guy

The jeep guy (AKA Ken) works very hard and knows just about everything there is to know about Jeep’s and how they work and what makes them tick. If he doesn't have the answers he can always find them.  He also knows a lot about other vehicles too. He has a vast knowledge of cars and knows where and how to get any information that would be necessary to answer questions or get some work done. He has been working on cars (all kinds) since he was 9 and loves to talk about what he knows so people are educated, if and when they need to go to any mechanic for help.

Sherie (aka Mrs jeep guy) works on this website and helps in anyway possible. She knows about cars and can carry on a conversati0n about anything car related and know what’s up.  They have been married for 30 years and have kids that are also “car smart”.  We can only hope they learned enough from their dad that someday they can help other people out just as The jeep guy does.

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